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1 Revolution Music

1 REVOLUTION – New library represented by MFP in Canada

1 Revolution Music is a highly versatile and specialized music catalogue which offers a variety of scoring options for all areas of contemporary media production. From film, television promos, tv underscore, reality programming, commercials to film trailer applications.

The signature high quality music is produced by Emmy award winning composers Yoav Goren and Jeffrey Fayman, who are raising the bar with the 1 Revolution Music sound in the same way they revolutionized and branded the landscape of modern motion picture advertising with their sister company Immediate Music.

With highly focused and specialized genre releases written and produced by Fayman and Goren along with dozens of additional award winning television and scoring composers, the 1 Revolution Music sound is the gold standard of production music for all television and commercial related applications.

The catalogue offers highly unique music compilations, with each composition containing several track breakdowns and alternate mixes in order to accommodate a variety of production needs within the framework of a single composition.

Music For Productions is happy to announce we now represent 1 Revolution, a BMG Production Music catalogue, in Canada for all licensing needs. You can listen to this library right here on MFP.

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