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jeanmfp | October 19, 2020 close

We are proud to announce that our track “Lost In Taiwan” by Laurent Delvac from album “Pandemia” (IMPULSION/IMP-020) is the winning track for The 6th annual Mark Awards* in the category of “Best World Track”! *The Mark Awards were broadcast from Los Angeles on the 6th of October. The awards […]

Video background

Upbeat Background Music and Music For Productions

jeanmfp | October 18, 2020 close

Sources For Good Background music Unfortunately, background music is a place where you can easily burn through your budget. It is true that there are some decent free sources for free music but there are also some bad ones as well. However, reducing costs does not mean eliminating quality in […]

Music Production

Folk Rock – Blues As the New Popular Form Folk music, also...

jeanmfp | October 16, 2020 close

Folk rock, Folk music is a genre of traditional popular music originally derived from the folk songs of rural folk tribes throughout the Great Plains, the Mississippi Delta, and elsewhere. Because the American folk song revival gathered pace in the 1950’s and ’60s, though, it only came natural that a […]

Music Production

Importance of Folk Music in a Society

jeanmfp | October 14, 2020 close

Music has always been important for individuals, society, and culture for different reasons. Among all the genres of music around the world, Folk music has to be and is the most important one in a society and culture. As the name suggests, Folk is the music of the people. Folk […]

Music Production

Why is Pop Music so popular?

jeanmfp | October 14, 2020 close

It is commonly believed that music feeds the soul because it soothes your soul and relaxes your mind. Music has always been the best source for expressing your feelings and emotions and telling stories. Among all the popular genres of music, Pop Music has emerged as the most popular one […]

Music Production

Importance of Background Music in your Videos

jeanmfp | October 6, 2020 close

Importance of Background Music in your Videos Music has always been an important part of almost every video made and produced. Addition of music or a soundtrack to every other video is not without any reason. Background music plays a very important part in making your video worth watching and […]

Music Production

Best Website to find Stock Music | Music for Productions

jeanmfp | September 27, 2020 close

Music plays a very important role in almost every human activity. There are multiple types of music that people use in every other audio and video message and content. Stock Music, among all other types, has proved to be the best choice ever as background music for corporate, personal, and […]

Music For Advertising

Centrum® MultiGummies Ad

jeanmfp | June 12, 2020 close

When it was time for ad agency Hogarth Worldwide to find a track for their new ad campaign they selected one from our own label. The track they selected is Awaken Again (MFPL-07 Best Of New Corporate | Motivational) from MFP Composer Scott Campbell. The ad is about focusing on […]



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