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Harmony Music Libraries on MFP

HARMONY MUSIC LIBRARIES – New Sub-Publishing Agreement for MFP

HARMONY MUSIC LIBRARIES is a UK based group of 6 library labels, each focusing on its own niche identity and style. They maintain high-quality productions with live instruments. Over 70 of their albums were recorded with West European live strings and choirs. They also have a sales office in L.A. were they place a lot of music on Hollywood movie trailers such as Star Wars Rogue Squadron; Spiderman; La La Land; Fantastic Beasts & Where To Find Them and many more.

Music For Productions Inc. is very happy to announce they now have the exclusive canadian sub-publishing rights for the following catalogues:

– Gothic Storm
– Gothic Storm’s Toolworks
– Gothic Hybrid
– Library Of The Human Soul
– Minim

The catalogues represent 13,477 great tracks in 140 albums.
You can listen to them HERE on MFP.