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Importance of Folk Music in a Society

jeanmfp | October 14, 2020

Music has always been important for individuals, society, and culture for different reasons. Among all the genres of music around the world, Folk music has to be and is the most important one in a society and culture. As the name suggests, Folk is the music of the people. Folk never eliminates people and culture from its lyrics and rhythms. It keeps the people connected to their past and their culture. So it is necessary to discuss the importance of this Folk music. Some of the reasons why this genre is important are discussed here.

It keeps the past alive

Society needs to remember their past and keep it alive. Your past provides the right direction to your future. Music plays an important role in keeping your past alive as a society or a group, and Folk is the genre playing the most significant part of this. Don’t ever let Folk die to keep your past alive, because if the history dies, future become meaningless and you lose your aim.

It keeps you connected to your culture and heritage

Your cultural heritage is what gives you an identity. Without an identity, you are known as no one. It is a known fact that a person is always best identified by the group he/she belongs to, and culture is critical to give any group an identity that it needs and longs for. Folk Music has always been known to be the best source of connecting you to your culture and keeping your identity alive as an individual and as a group.
It narrates all the stories of joys and sorrows in the simplest way
Joys and sorrows are pertinent parts of human life and they live and die with the person. Folk is the art of telling and narrating stories of joys and sorrows people have been living with. This genre doesn’t rely on modernized instruments and narrates all the stories in the simplest way. All you need is something to say and emotions to express.

Written by jeanmfp



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