Search Music Tutorial

You can search for tracks in many different ways.

The quickest way to search is by entering a Keyword in the Top Search Bar. Any word describing the song will do, then press Enter or click the magnifying glass and something should come up.

To get ideas for Styles or Moods, you can also look to the top-right of the screen next to the search bar. Click one of them to open a Tag Cloud of frequently used terms. Select as many as you want & then click outside the Tag Cloud pop-up window to close it. Click back into the Search Bar and hit Enter.

You can also Filter Tracks with the left hand menu filter by:

  • Release Date
  • Catalog
  • Label
  • Genre
  • Sounds Like
  • Length

This can be used to refine a Keyword Search or as a standalone search method.You can remove filters or keywords by clicking the red X a the top of a search result.

Another method is to use Sonic Search.
Just click & drag any audio file to the Top Search Bar or paste a URL pointing to a song and click Enter. Sonic Search will try to match and come up with similar results.

Once you are satisfied with your search result, you may want to organize them with the Sort drop-down.
The default sort will be by Relevance. They can also be sorted by:

  • Title
  • Genre
  • Length
  • Album
  • Catalog
  • Composer
  • Release date

You can also adjust the view to display the soundwave or not (to make it more compact) by choosing either Wave or Simple.

You can navigate through search result pages with the Next button or by typing a page # in the page box and clicking Enter.

Once you are satisfied with your music search, look to the right-hand side for the star icon and click Save this search to save it to your Dashboard.
Save search

If you are logged into your MusicForProductions Account, you can rapidly download a single track by clicking the download icon next to the track’s title & selecting its download format.

To download multiple tracks, select a few by clicking once below the track title. The track will now have a green marker. It is selected. Keep selecting as many tracks as you want.

You’ll notice the green pop-up box in the lower left corner is keeping count of how many tracks are selected. At any given time, you can Clear List or Download All tracks.
Once you click Download All, you will be prompted to choose a format between:

  • MP3
  • WAV
  • AIFF

The first time you select a download option, a pop-up agreement will open. Read it. Once you Agree to it, you will be prompted to select where you want the files to be downloaded zipped. You can then access those files wherever you sent them.

If you decide to use these tracks. Refer to our Rates to license them or Contact Us for a quote.

When logged into your account, you can create a New Folder by clicking the drop-down arrow next to the New Project button on the left-hand column & selecting New Folder.
By default, you will have a General folder. A Folder serves as a repository for several Projects. For example, you could have a Folder named “Movie A” containing Projects “Intro music”, “Action Scene music”, “Credits music”. Clicking Edit will edit the folder. Clicking delete will delete it, sending all children Projects to the General folder.

You can create a New Project by clicking its button and choosing its Name & Description along with which Folder it should be added to.

To add music tracks to a Project, start by clicking + next to the desired Project in the left-hand column menu.
The Project will become highlighted and a green + sign will appear next to tracks signaling they may be added to the selected Project. Note that if more than 1 project is selected, added tracks will be saved to all selected Projects.

Once you’ve added all desired tracks to the Project, click Done. You can then choose to Submit a license request, Add/Remove tracks to this Project or Download all assigned tracks.
The More Options button allows you more Project playlist options such as emailing a link to it or deleting it altogether.
more options

Next to the title of a track, you can sometimes see a +# box. Click of to open a drop-down of all Alternate versions and cutdowns. These tracks can be selected & added to a Project just like regular tracks.

The More Options button near it gives you plenty of track-related options.
Via these options you can:

  • see the track details
  • email the track
  • look for tracks with similar metadata tags
  • search for similar sounding tracks via Sonic Search


By clicking on any track title, you will enter the Song Details page. Via this page you get all available information about the track & all management options. You can also see all Alternate versions and cutdowns along with similar tracks to the one selected. You can also have access to send/share buttons in order to:

  • email it
  • embed it
  • Tweet it
  • share it to Facebook
  • share it to LinkedIn
  • share it to Google+


You can create a Cue Sheet to log all music used in a production by clicking New Cue Sheet at the bottom of the left-hand menu.

You can then add tracks to it as you would a Project. Once all the tracks have been added, click the name of your Cue Sheet in the lower left-hand menu to open its details. All selected tracks will appear on it and can be re-ordered. It is also possible to convert an entire Project to a Cue Sheet by clicking the Project name & going to the top right-hand corner of the screen under Options and selecting Copy to Cue Sheet.

Going back into your Cue Sheet, you can then add a title; composer, and publisher to it. You can also re-order cues with the arrow at the right of each track:

You can add an external Hosted Cue, upload an Edit Decision List, or add a file by name using the right-hand side buttons.

It can also be sent or exported by mail, to PDF, Excel or CSV via the More Options button in the top right of the page.

You can access your Dashboard via the gear on the top-right corner of your screen.

Here, you can manage various aspects of your account.

Navigating SourceAudio Sites

Searching for Tracks Using Keywords and/or Filters

Find Music With Music Using SonicSearch

Saving Searches

Downloading Tracks

Creating and Organizing Playlists

Creating and Exporting Cue Sheets

Sharing Tracks, Cue sheets, and Playlists