Amy Baer

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Guilhem Bezzina - Composer for MFP

Guilhem Bezzina

Guilhem Bezzina Guilhem Bezzina composed and produced several music tracks for TV placements in France and Europe. His style of choice is Electro Music. He has composed and produced under the artist name OberSdZ (Obersoundz), he has produced an...

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M1 Matteo DiMarr - Composer for MFP

M1 (Matteo DiMarr)

M1 Matteo DiMarr M1 Matteo DiMarr has been quietly making musical waves for a number of years, without much of a song and dance. He is a true underground house visionary, who makes and releases music on his own...

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Jon Lawson - Composer for MFP

Jon Lawson

Jon Lawson Musician/Composer/Producer Specialized in: TV Series, Commercials & Corporate Video Style: Various – Alternative Rock, Hip-Hop, Orchestral Plays: Guitar and Keyboard Jon Lawson studied classical & rock guitar in his earlier years and then went on to play...

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Andrew Patrick Oye - Composer for MFP

Andrew Patrick Oye

Andrew Patrick Oye Andrew Patrick Oye (born May 10, 1974) is an award-winning composer from British Columbia, Canada. He has had his music featured in shows such as Transformers 3, The Superbowl, Californication, Dexter, Lost, CSI, The Office, Sons...

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Rob Khurana - Composer for MFP

Rob Khurana

Rob Khurana Specialized in: TV Series and Production Music Style: Corporate, Technology, Worldbeat, Funky Plays: Piano and Keys Rob Khurana specializes in music for television both here in Canada and south of the border. He has composed music for...

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Scott Campbell - Composer for MFP

Scott Campbell

Scott Campbell Scott Campbell is a freelance composer; producer; live & studio audio engineer and mixer; musician and vocalist.  He started his career in 1997 doing studio work; producing; engineering and mixing records for artists in the Minneapolis area....

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