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Endless Summer - IMP-001

IMPULSION – New MFP Library is coming out March 2017

We are super excited about the upcoming release of our new production music library label IMPULSION.

For this project, MFP hired well known composers in the production music industry. Each album released will feature one or two composers.

Over the years, we realized that some of our clients liked specific MFP composers. This label will help them find new music from composers they like. Each album will have a genre/style/concept behind it.
It will also feature real (no fadeout) cut-down versions of each original piece (1:00 / 0:30 / 0:15 and sting).

We are releasing an average of one album per month except next month when we will be releasing the first two albums:

  • The first album is EDM style and features MFP composers M1 (Matteo DiMarr) and Rob Khurana.
  • The second album is a light pop/rock album featuring MFP composer Ron Alan Cohen.

For additional information about IMPULSION or for help with a project, please contact Jean Anfossi at


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